We have the privilege of having a very large private hunting and fishing area. It is therefore incumbent to us to monitor the club both from the point of view of who circulates there, hunts or fishes. This is why the board of directors has appointed a guardian of the territory in the person of Mr. Gérard Dubreuil who is also assistant in the protection of wildlife and a 2nd guardian of the territory in the person of Mr. Justin Marois. These two people are therefore authorized to ask any person to identify themselves in order to ensure that they are members of our club and also to verify whether compliance with hunting and fishing rules are respected as well as our regulations.

If they intercept you, we ask that you have a respectful relationship with them. They do their job on behalf of the board.

Even if our territory is large and accessible to all members, several hunting facilities (caches) are deployed on it. (You can refer to our interactive map through our website to view them.) We ask that you be sporty and respectful of one another. This is why we ask you to respect everyone’s hunting sites by avoiding walking and hunting around. That is why we prohibit prowling and sabotage of hunting sites under penalty of expulsion. Don’t do to others what you wouldn’t want to be done. We invite you to re-read the stands rules page on our website to see the latest adjustments.

Thank you all for adopting a sporting behavior and for being respectful of the rules of our Club.

We wish you a good hunting season, in a spirit of camaraderie.

Board of directors

Justin Marois Gérard Dubreuil