Prowling and sabotage of hunting sites

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Dear members,

Having received a number of complaints about unwanted visits to your hunting sites, hereinafter referred to as ‘’prowling’’, as well as the sabotage of your hunting cameras, photos that disappear from these cameras, memory cards that also disappear, the sabotage of your feeder sites not to mention the sabotage of your caches, some of which have been burnt down.

We are extremely sorry and angry at these reprehensible situations. Rest assured, we are attempting to find the culprits of these acts. We condemn these unsportsmanlike behaviors which are contrary to the values of our Club. When these culprits are unmasked, rest assured that they will be immediately expelled from our Club.

That is why, going forward, we prohibit prowling of hunting sites even though all of our territory must remain accessible to all members. This in order to respect the tranquility of our members in the practice of their sport and the effort made to create a hunting site. This does not mean that you have exclusive use of your hunting area, but at least it will limit unwanted disturbances. If any of the aforementioned acts happen to you, please advise one of our territory wardens to file a complaint. An investigation will be then be carried out and offenders could have their membership revoked.

It is our duty to maintain harmony and good relations between members.

Thank you for adopting a sporting behavior and for being respectful of Club rules.

The Board