The Club’s territory is and must remain accessible to all members in good standing as well as their family members and guests, all in accordance with the regulations in force. (Annex A v 2018-04-14 rules on stands)

No sector of our territory can be reserved for anyone’s exclusive use.

It is a privilege granted to members to have the use of stands for hunting on the territory and who can be revoked if the rules of use and management are not respected.

The area where you install a stand is therefore accessible to all members of the Club. No one can claim sole use of a particular sector. A member who is caught claiming exclusive use of a sector will be considered having breached our rules and therefore:

Any breach of  these rules will result in the offending member being sanctioned by the Board of Directors, said sanction ranging from a letter of reprimand to expulsion from the Club. (Article 13.1 v2018-04-14- Compliance with regulations)

Members must adopt a gentlemanly sporting behavior among themselves in the use of stands and their proximity. Consequently, even if the territory remains accessible to all, members must respect the hunting sector of each person’s stands and avoid hunting or moving around, much less settle there temporarily.

A member who sabotaged the hunting site 
of another member would be kicked out from the club.

Without limitation, it also includes the breakdown of facilities, sabotage of hunting cameras, viewing and deletion of images from hunting cameras, contamination or destruction of feeding sites, using unsportsmanlike behavior that does not respect our values, etc.

In addition, raiding hunting sites is prohibited. In other words, visiting other hunting grounds for the purpose of disturbing is not allowed and is considered unsportsmanlike behavior. Offenders will therefore be liable to a sanction imposed by the Board of Directors ranging from a letter of reprimand to expulsion from the Club.

Distances between members‘ stands must be safe with a minimum distance of 300 meters (nearly 1000 feet) and more than 100 meters from a roadway.

Note: a member cannot have more than 2 stands.

A stand is defined as a permanent installation such as a hut, a tree-stand or a watchtower. Only these permanent stands will be managed by the club. This in order to allow members greater access to the territory.

A stand is defined as a permanent installation such as a hut, a tree-stand or a watchtower. Only these permanent stands will be managed by the club. This in order to allow members greater access to the territory.

On October 15, 2020, the Board of Directors decided to change the method of identifying stands. The method being used has become too tedious and complex to apply to the large numbers of stands we have to manage. Therefore from now on, each stand will carry the number corresponding to the member (member number). If the member has two stands then the second stand will have the suffix B after the member’s number. As example if the member’s number is A-325 the second stand will bear the number 325B.

The new system of identification will come into effect during the 2021 season.

Therefore starting next season, each owner of a stand will have to change the numbers on the stand as described above.

Any member who owns a stand and wishes to change its position must notify the Director responsible for Stand management via email in advance in order to ensure the distance between nearby stands and roads/trails are respected. To do so the member can consult the interactive map for stands which is updated frequently and should reflect the latest changes.

Any member who owns a stand and wishes to transfer the ownership to another member, must inform the Director responsible for Stand management in advance so the ledger for stands and the interactive map can be updated. If the stand does not respect the distancing rules (300 meters), then it must be moved unless there is a specific written agreement with the owner of the nearby stand.

Any member who resigns must notify the Director in charge of stand management, in writing, of what he intends to do with his stand (s). Give it (or sell it) to another member. He will have 3 months to do so from the date of his resignation.

After this period, the stand will become automatically the property of the Club and will be disposed of as seen fit by the Board.

Note: the above also applies to a member who is terminated (kicked out) by the Club.

Here is the procedure in place for installing your stand (cache).

  1. Find a location where you wish to install you stand (not the salt block) and establish a waypoint with a GPS in degree, minute, second format (ex: 45 degree, 21’ 15’’ N and 71 degree 24’ 37’’ W) with the geodetic reference WGS84.
  2. Then check our interactive map for any strand nearby. The distance between your stand and others must be at least 300 meters. You may not install your stand inside of 100 meters from a roadway due to security concerns.
  3. Once done you must communicate via email with the Director responsible for stand management, to validate this waypoint.
  4. He will confirm whether the chosen location is within the legal distance of 300 meters (nearly 1000 feet) of an existing stand.
  5. Once the location has been confirmed the Director, you will be able to install your stand according to the rules established in our regulations.
  6. You must install your member number on your new stand. If this stand is your second stand then apply the letter B following your member number. Your member id opposed on the stand must be clearly visible.
  7. You will need to provide a geotagged photo of your permanent installation.
  8. You must also inform the club every 3 years that you are still using your stand.

Note: A member cannot possess more than two (2) stands on club land.