New Stands Rules

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Dear members,

Following the email we sent out last fall concerning new regulations on stands, the Board of directors has decided to elaborate on certain principals and refinements concerning the use of stands which will have to be adhered to.

Our objective is to allow members greater access to our territory. Therefore, going forward, we will consider stands as permanent installations. All waypoints which do not represent a permanent installation being used, will no longer be recognized nor included in the management of stands and our interactive map. Going forward, these sectors which include such waypoints  will automatically be available for the future installation of new stands.

Here are the principles and rules being put forward. You can consult them also on our website under section in the Territory menu for more information:

Principles :

1- Our territory must be freely accessible to all members;
2- No one can claim a sector of the Club land and prevent a member access to and of hunting in that particular sector. In doing so a member will be subject to a severe reprimand from management;
3- Owning a stand is a privilege granted by the Club and can be revoked if the rules of use and management are not respected;
4- Members must adopt a sporting/gentlemanly behavior in the use of stands and surrounding area;
5- A stand is defined as a permanent installation such as shack, a tree-stand or a watchtower;
6- A member can have a maximum of two stands;
7- The distance between the permanent installations between members must be a safe distance minimum of 300 meters (nearly 1000 feet).


Rules for permanent installations:

1- Confirm whether the sector you want to install a stand is available and respects the allowed distance between installations;
2- Make a request to management for your installation;
3- Provide a geo-localized photo of said permanent installation;
4- Confirm every three years that said stand is still in use;
5- Confirm any change of ownership of said stand;
6- Dismantle said stand if it is no longer in use;
7- Orphan stands become the property of the club automatically.

The Board of Directors