The aim of this directive is to protect young males.

Hunting directive for 2011 and subsequent years. (Accepted at the AGM of May 7, 2011)

For several years we have put forward this deer hunting directive every year and since 2011 it has been in effect. This year, we have adjusted the text to reflect today’s reality.

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    1. In order to protect young male deer in our livestock, it is forbidden to harvest young male deer with four points or less.
    2. As it is difficult to differentiate a young female from a young male, the harvesting of fawns will be prohibited during the deer hunting season, whether by rifle, bow, crossbow or muzzle loader.
    3. If a young male with a rack of four points or less or a fawn are accidentally harvested, the member or his guest must affix their coupon to the animal. They may keep the carcass in accordance with provincial laws. However the member or his guest must pay to the club a mandatory contribution of 400$.
    4. If a member or his guest shoot a young male with four points or less or a fawn, and either fail to register the animal at our Main Camp, they will be automatically expelled and banished from the Club.
    5. In order to have an adequate follow-up on the state of health of our deer herd, all deer harvested must be registered and weighed at the main camp unless exceptional circumstances prevents the hunter from doing so.

The Board of Director (Revised 2020)