By-laws in force

NB: Each member must read and understand our rules in order to respect the rules of our club and to behave accordingly.

All internal rules will be communicated to you when you register with the club, and can also be downloaded by clicking on the link below.

 Download general by-laws

Main points :

  • Moose for 2 hunters
  • Can’t harvest calf
  • QDM rules conduct
  • Harvest Deer buck with 5 antlers and more
  • Respect among members
  • Having 1000 feet (300 meters) long between stands

VTT (Quad)

1)  All ATVs must be registered and insured for a minimum amount of $ 1,000,000. In January of each year, you must provide us with a list including: member’s name, ATV registration number, insurance company name, policy number, policy coverage period (which should be from January to December).

2)  ATV users shall at all times wear a helmet that meets the requirements of the law, and a bib number; The ATV must be equipped with a mast and a fluorescent orange flag.

3)  ATVs will be allowed to travel only on the right of way of gravel roads or not; Access to ATVs will be automatically prohibited on any road where there will be forestry operations and / or timber transport.

Règlements du ministère