Four types of reservations can be made for a given period :

  1. Booking a room
  2. Exclusive Camp Reservation
  3. Booking a camping site
  4. Reservation of a blind belonging to the club

For information and exclusive camp reservations, please contact :

Charles Leblanc ( or (450) 346-0169)

Here are some rules and rates for reservations :

Bed reservations in a room are possible during two periods unless there is an exclusive reservation of the current camp:
Period 1: April 1st to November 30th (the rate for members is $ 15 + (taxes) per night, per bed)
Period 2: December 1st to March 31th (the rate for members is $ 26 + (taxes) per night, per bed)

The guest rate is $ 26 + (tax) per night, per bed.

Arrival time is 1:00 p.m. and departure the next day at noon.


On your arrival, register in the registration register at the entrance and indicate your bedtime in the box provided for this purpose.

Floor plan:

Members can obtain exclusive reservations of the Main Camp only on three periods :
Period 1 : Between January 1st to May 15th
Period 2 : Between June 30th to September 15th
Period 3 : Between December 1st to December 31th
with the exception of long weekend and workday weekend during this period.

The Basic rate is 350 $ plus taxes unlimited person.

Arrival time is 13h00 & departure is noon next day.

Registration :

At your arrival register yourself at the desk and indicate the number of persons in your group.

Campsite reservations are possible during the period from May 1st to November 3th. The rate is $ 15 + taxes per site per night for 1 to 4 people. For the entire summer season, from May 1st to September 15th, the rate per site is $250 + taxes.

Map of camping sites:

N.B.: An advantageous rate could be proposed for reservations over several weeks.

Two blinds belonging to the club are located in boulevard Huard. These are available for hunting members with loss of mobility at no cost. These are the members who will have priority.

For other members, the cost of renting a blind is $ 15 per day plus taxes. However, if the member takes a room at the camp, the blind is free for the day.

Photos of the blinds :


img_5310 cache-070

Blind #69
Middle of Huard Blvd

Blind #70
End of Huard Blvd
 45°21’8.00″N and 71°24’4.00″O 45°21’23” N and 71°23’45” O


Reservation tools

For all bookings, but exclusive reservations of the Main Camp, here the application form and the register of confirmed bookings :

Application form :

Sign in

Note: Reservations are made on a timestamp recording system. First come, first served. Reservations are checked to avoid conflict, and are transcribed in the reservation book by the manager of the website regularly. Only the room can be booked. The allocation of beds is as agreed between roomers.

You can view the reservations from the following registry :
See reservations