2020 Annual General Assembly of Members

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When : April 25th 2020 @ 9h00

Where : Sebby’s Pub & Grill, 83 Queen Str., Sherbrooke, QC J1M 1J3

9h00​  1- Opening of the meeting
 2- Introductions of the officers and administrators
9h15​3- Reading and adoption of the agenda
4- Reading and adopting the minutes from the 2019 AGM
(Reading of same will not be necessary as all members have received copies of the minutes ofthe 2019 AGM)
5- Business arising from the minutes
9h406- Presentation and approval of 2019 financial statement
7- Appointment of Auditors for 2020
8- Presentation of budget estimates for 2020
10h009- Presentation of President’s, Officer’s and Director’s reports
10- Questions to directors relative to their written reports (Annexe C)
11- Approval of the Board’s actions since the last AGM
10h1512- Introduction of new members
10h2013- Approval for changes to the club’s by-laws    (Annexe A)
14- Proposals for a vote by the membership        (Annexe D)
15- Election of the directors                               (Annexe B)
11h0016- Statistic on the hunting success
11h3017- Recruitment of volunteers for the various committees
18- Presentation of the trophies
19- Draw for exclusive reservations at Main Camp for Christmas and New Year’s
20- Announcements
21- Draws (door prizes)
12h0022- Presentation of new officers if necessary
23- Adjournment

Note: Lunch provided free of charge by the club to all members present during the meeting. Drinks will be at your expense.