Workday of September 9th, 2023

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When : September 9th, 2023 at 8h00 am
Where : Main Camp 856 Chemin Rivière-du-Nord, Newport, QC

Bring your lunch!

Please bring your tools to make the work. As usual you are asked to bring your chainsaws, clearing saw, shovels, trailers, etc.

Here are the works to be done this fall

  • Bring your lunch !
  • Brush Cut parking lot near mechoui
  • Brush Cut to clear around cement blocks  in the yard
  • Clean entrance to camp basement
  • Remove and dispose of couch
  • Set up pool table
  • Camp and cupboard cleaning 
  • Change electrical outlet plate in dining room 
  • Clean stove hood and stove
  • Clean charcoal and cooktop
  • Also spray windows with insecticide and clean windows 
  • Repair civic address pole 
  • Repair flag pole
  • Trim the apple tree located in the parking lot area
  • Install cedar shingles on the roof of the méchoui
  • Power wash the floor of the varanda and the clapboard
  • Brush Cut boul. Huard and chemin Rich
  • Brush Cut Nichol Rd. leading to the Relais cabin
  • Identify and clean and Orange Trail 
  • Install signs for pheasant stations
  • Cut grass if required
  • String fallen wood from rope near toilet

Thank you in advance for your presence
Board of directors