Workday of May 4th, 2024

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When : May 4th, 2024 at 8h00 am
Where : Main Camp 856 Chemin Rivière-du-Nord, Newport, QC

A lunch will be served !

Please bring your tools to make the work. As usual, we’re asking you to bring your chainsaws, brushcutters, shovels, rakes, trailers, ATVs, metal detectors, and so on.

Here are the works to be done this spring

  • Dinner preparation

2 volunteers needed

Director in charge Patrick Bernier

  • Brush cut around camp and parking area
  • Spray insecticide around the camp
  • Gather wood, cut it into 16-inch length and put it in the shed
  • Camp and cabinet cleaning
  • Clean stove hood and range
  • Clean charcoal and hotplate if required
  • Clean and organize store room
  • Change smoke detector batteries
  • Check lights and change bulbs as required
  • Also spray windows with insecticide and clean windows too
  • Repair civic address pole
  • Repair flag pole
  • Wash gallery and clapboard with pressure washer
  • Paint room #3

20 volunteers needed

Directors in charge Richard Raby and Daniel Guilbault

  • Brush Cut blvd. Huard
  • Brush Cut Rich road

6 volunteers needed

Director in charge Brandon Ward

  • Fix the trail from the Ridge road to Christmas (Road 91 to 90C)
  • Block the river crossing to Christmas Falls
  • Enlarge beaver dam trail at end of Smith Road
  • Recover bridge frame on Sevigny trail (old Huard trail)
  • Arrange trail from Huard blvd. to Beron brook
  • Cutting fallen trees on the Christmas trail hill

20 volunteers needed

Director in charge Glenn Vallée

  • Put gravel under fireplaces at campsites
  • Clean up rustic campsite at end of Bacon road
  • Clean the Relais camp

6 volunteers needed

Director in charge Glenn Vallée

  • Making 99C road safer (Tanguay road area)
  • Secure 99A road and 99D area
  • Install club signs at the following sites:
    • Land at the end of chemin 99A
    • Mining Creek area: dump site and Mine Interpretation Center
  • Other areas to be confirmed

10 volunteers needed (metal detector required, steel-soled boot, rake)

Director in charge Yves Rancourt

Thank you in advance for your presence
Board of directors