Fishing for youngsters 2023

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Success of first edition 2023

This Saturday, june 3rd 2023, we held our first edition of the Pêche en herbe program. The aim of this program is to encourage youngsters aged 6 to 17 to get involved in fishing activities. The minimum number of participants was 10, with a maximum of 25. Due to overwhelming demand, we ended up with 28 children.

Our participants had a great time learning the basics of fishing thanks to dynamic training by Daniel Bergeron, fishing expert and pioneer of this program. Afterwards, the youngsters, accompanied by their guardians and supervised by our volunteers, cast their lines into our river. As the water was low and a little too warm, given the temperature of the last few days, catches were rarer and more difficult than usual. But everyone had a great time.

For the younger anglers, there was a 50-trout pool with some great catches in store. Speckled trout courtesy of Christian Lanctôt of pisciculture les Arpents Verts from St-Edwidge. Thanks also to Richard Raby and Ernie Garbutt for preparing the pool so that the trout could survive. Over 35 trouts were caught by the youngsters.

Each child went home with a fishing licence valid until the age of 18, a fishing rod and a small fishing kit. Four of them also won a $25 purchase card from SAIL.

A special thanks to our volunteers who helped make this great day a success, including Daniel Guilbault, who orchestrated the activity, Daniel Bergeron, who taught the youngsters the basics of fishing and fish, Richard Raby, Ernie Garbutt, André Leduc, Yves Rancourt, Alexandre Barbeau, Jerry Coates, Brandon Ward, Jano Bisson, Jim Perry, Marc Charron and his wife Diane Duplessis and Yves Seney.

Many thanks also to our event sponsors:
Pisciculture les Arpents Verts
SAIL (Sherbrooke branch)
ProNature (Sherbrooke branch)

See you next year!