Change to the board

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Dear members,

Two recent resignations, Bertrand St-Laurent and Sylvain Gingras have brought changes to the Board of directors. Firstly we would like to thank the aforementioned members for their years of voluntary service to our Club.

The Board of directors has filled the voids, as allowed by Articles 6.5 and 6.9 of our By-Laws. Yves Seney returns to the Board following an absence due to family issues. Yves Rancourt had manifested interest in joining the Board thus we are happy to welcome him to the group.

Here is the makeup of your Board of directors :

President: Yves Seney
Vice-president: Richard Raby, director of main camp and our liaison with the Forestry group (APA)
Treasurer: Benoit Poulin
Secretary: Charles LeBlanc, director of admin, reservations and by-laws
René Bélanger: director of the outdoors group
André Leduc: director of security and liaison with Public Health.

Patryck Bernier: director of activities and co-director of our Web page with Yves Seney
Daniel Guilbaut: director of fishing and the river
Yves Rancourt: director of stand management

Elections are held when an AGM is held. Due to the pandemic no AGM was held in 2020 and none will be held in 2021. One is however planned for the spring of 2022.